Patrick and Bethany Lowndes – Renton Wedding Photography

Patrick and Bethany Lowndes – Renton Wedding Photography

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As a photographer, I love watching how couples identify what is most important to them and then shape their weddings around these core values. During Patrick and Bethany’s wedding day, I was moved to see how their relationship mirrors the deepest hopes of their faith. Their passion and sense of humor also made photographing their day really fun! This was important because, working in downtown Renton, I felt a little like a fish out of water (if you follow my work, you may notice a bias toward forests and beaches). Their enthusiasm made their environment rock. Congratulations Patrick and Bethany and blessings on your marriage!

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Bride and groom close up. Bright exposure, eyes closed, looking down.

bride and groom kiss with green foliage behind

Walking back to the wedding venue. Shallow depth of field.

Who gives this woman to be married?

Bride and groom exchange vows.

Bride and groom take communion together.

Groom and bride dip and kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. Lowndes make their appearance!

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