Low-wake Passenger Ferry – Seattle Aerial Photography

Low-wake Passenger Ferry – Seattle Aerial Photography

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I captured these photos from a helicopter without a door, wearing fingerless gloves, dangling out into a constant 35-85 knot flow of freezing wind. To set the shots up, I communicated with the pilot over the in-helicopter mics, then the pilot would call down via shortwave radio to the captain of the boat. The technical challenge of coordinating two fast-moving targets like this is only superseded by getting kids to line up for a family photo.

The Ferry, Rich Passage I, is a 77′ low-wake passenger ferry designed by the Bellingham-based company All American Marine. The vessel was designed specifically for Kitsap County to provide an efficient low impact commuter solution that would not erode the coastline.


“Reflection” by Lisa Rickey – Seattle MFA Photographer

“Reflection” by Lisa Rickey – Seattle MFA Photographer

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Last week I shot an MFA show for one of my sculpture teachers, Lisa Rickey. Her piece, “Reflection,” is currently on display at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. She made the group of giant metal pillows by inflating flat stainless sheet steel (sealed on the edges) with pressurized gas. In Lisa’s work, I particularly appreciate her interest in unique material behaviors. In “Reflection” she uses the specular properties of stainless steel to create a sort of visual conversation amongst the pillows and their environment. I find it fitting that her orignal title was going to be “Pillow Talk.”

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Frazier Healthcare Holiday Party

Frazier Healthcare Holiday Party

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to do some candid event photography for Frazier Healthcare Ventures at their annual holiday party. It was a neat opportunity to capture a more intimate side the company. The pictures are just being distributed internally, so I was basically their “family photographer” for the day.

All images were shot using limited available light at ISO 6400. Lenses used were 17-35 mm f/2.8, 24-70 mm f/2.8, and 50 mm f/1.4





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