Mark and Erika – Wedding Photography in Index Washington

Mark and Erika – Wedding Photography in Index Washington

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Mark and Erika are the sort of people that instantly make you feel comfortable when you’re around them. They’re thoughtful, funny, down to earth and full of laughter. At the end of a month-long stretch of shooting over a wedding a week (not to mention moving and pulling off a thesis show), their low-key celebration out at a remote cabin in Index Washington was a welcome change of pace. While editing, I enjoyed experimenting with cross-processed color and low contrast black and white. Let me know what you think!

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Colin Teal & Rachel Saimons – Rehearsal Dinner

Colin Teal & Rachel Saimons – Rehearsal Dinner

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Colin and Rachel contacted me last minute to see if I could photograph their rehearsal dinner. Because Colin’s dad had been in a serious accident shortly beforehand, it was especially important to capture memories from the evening. I was glad to be available and hope these pictures do justice to a beautiful evening. Visit the main gallery here if you’d like to see more (just so you can see for yourself that Urban Light Studios actually has a wall covered in antique paint by numbers, and, among other things, a stuffed tiger).

Event Photography at Urban Light Studios in Wallingford Seattle

Yes that’s mineral water going into the champagne glass. Awesome.

empty wine glasses on elegant counter top. Urban Light Studios event

Brian Smith and Kate Meinig – Lummi Island Wedding Photography

Brian Smith and Kate Meinig – Lummi Island Wedding Photography

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When Kate and Brian first contacted me about photographing their wedding on Lummi Island, I immediately got excited about capturing their day in a place close to my heart. (I grew up looking out at the San Juans from my bedroom window and doing kayak/sailing trips through the islands each summer). They held an intimate ceremony and reception at the Willows Inn, which is one of the most beautiful and unpretentious venues I’ve had the opportunity to work at. Throughout the day I loved witnessing Brian and Kate’s quirky unassuming love for each other and their community. Here’s to a beautiful life together!

For more photos visit the full gallery here.

bride and groom say vows outdoors at willows inn on lummi island

groom reading vows to bride outside on lummi island at the willows inn wedding garden

bride smiling at groom while he reads vows

amazingly enthusiastic smile from bride to groom

bride and groom kiss under arbor outside on lummi island. black and white.

bride and groom walk through tunnel of green down to beach

groom carrying bride at beach on lummi island near bellingham
newlywed groom carries bride on beach

rocks and wine at wedding reception, detail shot.

flower decorations, farmers market style

outdoor wedding reception at willows inn on lummi island

flowers in vase inside at willows inn

lummi island salmon being roasted at the willows inn on lummi island

amazing buffet of healthy food being served at willows in on lummi island for wedding reception

father of bride leads toasts at wedding reception

bride and groom smiling during toasts

bride and groom cut green cake

bride and groom taking the first slice of their cake

groom having fun dancing with bride at willows in, around sunset.

groom having fun dancing with bride at willows in, black and white

silhouette of couple kissing by the ocean on lummi island

beautiful full moon setting over ocean by lummi island ferry dock