“Reflection” by Lisa Rickey – Seattle MFA Photographer

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Last week I shot an MFA show for one of my sculpture teachers, Lisa Rickey. Her piece, “Reflection,” is currently on display at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. She made the group of giant metal pillows by inflating flat stainless sheet steel (sealed on the edges) with pressurized gas. In Lisa’s work, I particularly appreciate her interest in unique material behaviors. In “Reflection” she uses the specular properties of stainless steel to create a sort of visual conversation amongst the pillows and their environment. I find it fitting that her orignal title was going to be “Pillow Talk.”

This last image is a view of the inside of a pillow that ruptured under pressure.


  1. Dave Haas
    December 15, 2010

    This is awesome stuff! I was checking to see if I could get ahold of you. I recall that you were going to try and finish the metal ravens for Harborview School by the Holiday Break. We never talked about the raven which the school “said” they got me for retirement. I got a card from them, but you and I never talked before you left Juneau after the !% for Art Committee interviewed you. Let me know what the deal is when you can. I do not know what they arranged with you. They just gave me a card which showed a picture of one of your UAS ravens and referred to me getting one for retirement? Does any of this sound familiar? Did they really do that and, if so, what is it? Thanks and I assume I’ll see you soon in Juneau for the installation of the school ravens over the break.
    Dave Haas

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